Monday, January 14, 2019

Can Potholes Cause Accidents?

Living in Michigan, potholes are a regular occurrence. If you’ve ever driven with someone from Michigan, more than likely if they hit a pothole you’ll hear an audible “I’m sorry” come out of their mouth. Not an apology to the other passengers, but to the vehicle! 

Depending on how deep or how wide it is, a pothole can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. This can cause an accident!
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A lot of us have become expert pothole drivers; dodging them is a Michigan specialty. But did you know that potholes can cause huge problems to your vehicle? Even if you manage to keep control when you hit one, significant damage can be done to your vehicle’s shocks and struts, which can cause components of the suspension system to break, the steering system to become misaligned, and even cause damage to the exhaust system and wheels.

When driving, make sure that when you do see a pothole, slow down and, if you can, drive around it. Make sure you’re also aware of the other vehicles on the road because they may also be watching out for that same hole! Especially this time of year, with ice on the road, potholes can become a huge danger. 

Slow down, check your surroundings for other vehicles, and either drive very slowly through (if hole is small enough) or drive around! ArborMotion is always more than happy to service your vehicle if a pothole comes out of nowhere. The next time you aren’t able to drive around a pothole or it’s deeper than you thought, bring your vehicle to ArborMotion and we’ll inspect it for you to make sure you have not done any damage to your baby!

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