Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Christmas Gifts to Give to Your Car

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Christmas is the time for giving, so why not give your car the love it deserves? Here are some gift ideas for the car enthusiast or even for you!

1. Floor Mats
2. Car Detailing
3. Roadside Assistance
4. Portable Cellphone Charger

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    ArborMotion Goes Above & Beyond When it Comes to Foreign Car Repair in Ann Arbor

    ArborMotion has technicians and service advisers who go above and beyond to make sure that your vehicle leaves running better than when it came in, and our work on your car is no exception. When you bring your luxury vehicle to ArborMotion, we’ll make sure to give it the treatment it deserves. You can count on technicians who care about every vehicle that comes through. Next time you need service, don’t hesitate to call or schedule an appointment online. 

    Hitting the Apex!

    By: Nick Pott
    Nick Pott, Shop Manager

    It’s December and the cold is finally here. Is it early? Maybe. Or maybe it’s just dreaded so much that when it does come around, no one is ready for it. December means many things to people. 

    To a race car guy like me, it means that now is the proper time to hunker down and get busy on the car that’s sitting on jack stands in my garage. To me, race cars are especially cool because they don’t need maintenance for the winter. 

    On your daily driver, you need to make sure your coolant is in good shape so that the heat works properly. We get a lot of funny looks explaining that your heat relies on good coolant, and that the A/C has nothing to do with your coolant, but these are both true facts! You also need to make sure your battery is up to the task of starting your car when it’s 9 degrees and you have half an inch of ice on your windshield. That isn’t the best time to find out your battery is bad. Race cars don't need batteries and coolant while they sit in your garage. 

    What am I getting at? Sell your car and buy a race car! 

    However, my wife tells me that may not be good advice for everyone. If you’re concerned about your daily driver, get your car in and get it checked out by a reputable European auto repair shop like ArborMotion. That way you don't have to worry. As for the race car guy or gal in your life, stop saying they’re hard to shop for. Surely you know how to order race car parts. If you don’t have a race car guy or gal, we’re out there, you just have to look!

    Happy Holidays!

    ArborMotion’s Top 10 Favorite Holiday Treats

    Holiday season is upon us and for most people that means yummy food and treats! Whether you have big holiday parties surrounded by loads of people or just an intimate gathering, food is often the main ingredient. 

    Some of you may be thinking of a certain food or treat that your family always has … “it wouldn’t be the holidays without .” At ArborMotion, we’ve listed our top 10 favorite holiday treats. Did yours make the list?

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    1. Decorated sugar cookies 
    2. Candy canes
    3. Chocolate Santa’s
    4. Assorted popcorn tins
    5. Shortbread
    6. Marshmallow wreaths
    7. Peanut butter kiss cookies
    8. Eggnog 
    9. Peppermint bark
    10. Fruit cake 

    If yours didn’t make the list, let us know your favorite!