Wednesday, May 23, 2018

What is HUD and How Can I Get One If My Vehicle Does Not Have It?

HUD is an acronym for Heads Up Display which is the ability to display navigation and speed info on your windshield. This greatly helps you keep your eyes pointed straight ahead where they belong, not looking down at your phone for directions.
Many new vehicles feature HUD and in our opinion it’s a great leap forward in safety. Too many accidents are caused by distracted drivers today. The more we can keep people’s vision straight ahead, the better.
Here’s an example of what a factory installed HUD looks like: 
Foreign Car repair Ann Arbor
Factory Installed HUD

Are you convinced that this is a great idea but you won’t be buying a new vehicle anytime soon? That’s not a problem, as always, the aftermarket can provide you with a solution. There are many HUD products available! Here’s one that we like made by HUDWAY called the HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Navigation Display. It’s portable so it can be moved from vehicle to vehicle, is very affordable at $49.95 and works with any smartphone.
foreign car repair ann arbor
HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Display

Benefits include 
- View directions & the road at the same time to drive safer
- See more clearly on both poor visibility & clear days
- Use w/ any smartphone & any HUD app - it's universally compatible
- Display any HUD-based navigation app
- Get free promo codes to navigation apps by Hudway to use w/ your Glass

Watch THIS VIDEO to learn more or go to
Soon, all vehicles will be equipped with HUD systems! Until that happens, it’s good to know that we don’t have to wait for a new car purchase to take advantage of this terrific technology.

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The Sound Reasoning Behind a Pre-Purchase Inspection

There are many ways to check out a car before you buy it. You can go online and check the Carfax status, or look on or and make sure the amount you offer is within the range of market value. You can even research common issues a vehicle may have and compare that to the Carfax report to see if it has ever been serviced for that issue.
The one thing you can’t do online is a good old-fashioned physical inspection by a certified technician. A “Pre-Purchase Inspection” can be the best money you will ever spend. Some people are afraid to have the inspection done in fear that nothing will be wrong with the vehicle and they spent the money “unnecessarily.” The truth is exactly the opposite. You want to learn that the car needs nothing so you’ll have confidence when you buy it. 
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If defects or service needs are found, then you can use that info in two ways. If the vehicle ends up needing too much service, then you dodged a bullet – which is money well spent. If it only needs minor service but still looks to be a good vehicle (which is what happens most often) then you’re armed with the knowledge of what needs to be done to get the car up to your standards. You can then negotiate the sale accordingly.
Often, we do a “Post-Purchase Inspection” which can sometimes be very bad. We have inspected vehicles numerous times that were purchased first and then brought to us only to find that the vehicle needs so much work that it’s not worth doing, or it exceeds the value of your vehicle. This scenario is what makes the first scenario we described (Pre-Purchase Inspection showing the car needs nothing) the best possible outcome with no need to be afraid of spending the money.
Bottom line: if you’re considering purchasing a vehicle, bring it to ArborMotion for an inspection by our ASE certified technicians that will either save you money, save you from a huge mistake or give you the confidence that the vehicle you’re considering is a sound purchase. Make it a win-win no matter the outcome.

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