Friday, July 20, 2018

July Car of the Month

This month we're going old school! Meet Joe Planck, he’s one of ArborMotion's Porsche Specialists. He graduated from the Washtenaw Community College Automotive Program. 
Joe owns a 1994 Buick Roadmaster Estate. He purchased this vehicle right after graduating from high school in 2014. Joe has a love for wagons, which is why he was drawn to the Roadmaster! This car is old school on the outside but packs in many awesome features. 
porsche service ann arbor
This Buick was the last American rear-wheel-drive V8 body on a frame station wagon (one of the many reasons Joe loves it). Other features include: a LT1 Corvette engine, rear facing third row seat, dual action tailgate (swings open like a door or down like a tailgate), moon roof (only two Buicks and Oldsmobiles had this feature), wood grain, swapped leather interior from a Sedan, dual passenger bucket seats with Chevy Blazer, lowered in the rear with Impala SS Springs (with helper air bags for heavy loads), 18" wheels, wildwood front brakes, true dual exhaust with cat delete and flow master mufflers plus plenty of space for people or cargo.
This car definitely packs a punch! It’s a favorite here at our shop. You can always spot Joe driving it down State St. because it stands out. Next time you're at ArborMotion, take a look! It's parked in our lot when Joe’s at work. Feel free to say hello to Joe in the Porsche Department.

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July Department of the Month – Sebastian Gaeta

Last month you were introduced to our Service Crew; this month it’s all about the owner! Sebastian Gaeta bought ArborMotion in July 2015, when he found out the previous owners were interested in selling. Sebastian was a long-term customer at ArborMotion, so when he found out it was for sale, he jumped on it! 

Before his days at ArborMotion, Sebastian worked at Sesi Lincoln-Volvo-Mazda for 22 years with his wife’s family. He was able to work under his brother-in-law and uncle who taught him how to be the best businessman he could be! 

Sebastian attended LSU where he was a member of the varsity football team as their place-kicker. Unfortunately, an off the field accident caused Sebastian to quit the team, leading him to transfer to the University of Nebraska. At the University of Nebraska, he studied Communication, which gave him a great foundation for his future careers! 
porsche service ann arbor
Sebastian Gaeta, Owner

He has lived in Michigan for thirty years and has raised two wonderful daughters who attended the University of Michigan. Go Blue!

Sebastian’s passion for cars doesn’t end with owning ArborMotion. He also has a love for Porsches. Sebastian started his love affair with Porsche in the 1970’s when he watched a family friend become a Porsche owner. He was able to go for rides which inspired his love of the brand! When he made the move to Lincoln, Nebraska, Sebastian would frequent a local Porsche specialty shop, Road and Track Motors. The owner, Bud Dunklau, shared his passion of Porsches with Sebastian. Bud owned several 356 models which Sebastian grew to love. This is when he decided that within five years of graduating he would own one, and he beat it by one year! 

When Sebastian isn’t at ArborMotion, you can find him coaching the local high school football team in the fall. The rest of the year he likes to spend with family, as well as participate in events with the local Porsche clubs or any event here at our shop! 

It’s easy to spot Sebastian in the shop, bopping around to different departments or chatting with customers at the service desk. If you’re lucky, maybe he’ll even pull your vehicle in after service! The next time you visit, feel free to ask for him or even stop him when he’s passing by. He’s always more than happy to chat and even give you a tour of our shop! 

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How to Protect Your Car’s Interior in the Summer

As we all know, the changing seasons take a toll on our vehicles. The hot sun can ruin your paint, and salt can accelerate the appearance of rust. While all of this is happening to the outside of your vehicle, do you stop to think about the effects the seasons have on the inside?
foreign car repair ann arbor
The summer heat can turn the inside of your vehicle into a sauna! When the door opens, heavy, hot air will surround you. 

Want to know how to make your car cooler? These helpful tips will make sure your vehicle will be almost as cool as your A/C! 

One inexpensive way to cool down your interior is to park in the shade as much as possible. This will prevent the sun from shining directly into your vehicle … which will help with the inside temperature and help protect your paint at the same time. If shade is limited where you work or live, a windshield protector is a fantastic way to create some. These come in various sizes and shapes, so finding one that fits your vehicle should be a breeze! They also sell whimsical ones if a solid color doesn’t tickle your fancy.

A lot of vehicles have leather interiors, which is very nice visually, but our leather-seated friends know the pain of sitting down in shorts. Seat covers are a great way to keep your leather interior in great condition and helps it keep cool. We can also all relate to hot steering wheels -- covers for those are also available! 

For those of us with children or pets, window shades are a great purchase. They help keep your vehicle cool while also protecting your little ones. 

Speaking of pets -- they need our help staying cool during the summer months as well. Besides air conditioning and window shades, one purchase that could be beneficial is a seat cover that turns your backseat into a bench! Not only does this protect the seat’s longevity, it provides more space for your four-legged friends. Caution: your furry friends should never be left in a hot car. These are suggestions on how to stay cool as you travel.

This summer has been brutal! No one wants to spend their time in a hot car. If you choose one of these ideas to protect the inside of your vehicle, your car will thank you. Protecting your vehicle means you’re not only protecting yourself, but also the people and pets that go with you. 

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At ArborMotion, we specialize in foreign car repair in Ann Arbor. All our technicians are ASE certified and three have ASE Master Technician certifications. If you want a reputable technician who specializes in your brand of vehicle, schedule an appointment with us today!