Thursday, September 20, 2018

Welcome to "Hitting the Apex!”

porsche service ann arborWelcome to "Hitting the Apex!” This is the first monthly blog where you’ll hear from me, Nick Pott, the Shop Operations Manager at Arbormotion. I’m the General Manager of Rennstatt Racing, the performance division at Arbormotion. We focus on high performance vehicle maintenance and repair, specializing in the Porsche marque. 

As the title of this blog represents, racing, specifically auto road racing, is a huge part of my life, and my first life passion. "Hitting the Apex" refers to the practice of putting your car in the best position on the race track when going through a turn. Hitting apexes equals speed and good lap times. I have missed many apexes in my racing career, and I have the lap times to prove it. This blog will not be solely focused on racing, rather a variety of information, thoughts, rants, inside info in car repair, and general musings of all things related to cars and car repair. 

Hope to see you the next lap around!

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