Thursday, September 20, 2018

Department of the Month – Porsche Technicians

We’re slowly making our way through ArborMotion folks! 

We have technicians who work in the main shop but we also have two who work on Porsches in the back of our shop. This month, we’re going to focus on the Porsche techs! ArborMotion takes pride in our Porsche techs and customers. For more than forty years, ArborMotion has been servicing the Ann Arbor area with fantastic service not only your brand-new Porsches, but your vintage cars, racing cars and your daily driving vehicles. 

Many of our customers know that Nick Pott is in charge of our Porsche Department. But most people don’t know who is actually working on their vehicle. Who are the guys in the back making sure that your summer car is ready to go right when you are?

Let us introduce you to Tyler Berry and Joe Planck. These are the two Certified Porsche Technicians at ArborMotion. 
Porsche service ann arbor
Joe Planck

porsche service Ann Arbor
Tyler Berry
If you read the newsletter two months ago, you might remember Joe Planck’s Buick Car of the Month. Joe has been working on cars practically his whole life! His grandpa had Porsches growing up and he would help him fix them. Joe went to school at Washtenaw Community College, where he studied Automotive Technician Repair Maintenance. He’s also Steering, Suspension, Electrical Systems and Electronics ASE Certified. Joe loves finding new things to fix and learning how to fix them on his own. No job is too big or too small! 

Tyler Berry has always been interested in cars but the mechanical side of things didn’t come until he was a senior in high school when his dad bought a 1964 Chevy 2 Nova that they transformed into a drag racing car. Since his dad was interested in classic American cars, Tyler decided to narrow his focus of interest to Porsche. Tyler loves working on engines and transmissions; the list of engines and transmissions that he has built is slowly growing every day. 

Everyone who brings their Porsches into ArborMotion can walk out knowing that their vehicle is in the best hands! The time and care that Joe and Tyler put into your vehicles always result in your vehicle leaving in better condition than when it came in. If you have a Porsche (or know someone with a Porsche) and you’ve being searching for a place to take fantastic care of your vehicle, look no further. ArborMotion takes great pride in our Porsche department and we have the best technicians to back that up. Next time you’re in, ask about the Porsche Department and take a look at the Porsches we have stored in the back! 

Porsche Service in Ann Arbor: Schedule Service Today with an ASE Certified Porsche Technician!

Our craftsmanship is driven by our expertise and dedication to the Porsche brand. Our facility has the right tools and equipment to work on everyday drivers or classic investments. Our team is prepared to service almost any Porsche in almost any condition. Call today to schedule Porsche service in Ann Arbor.

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