Friday, February 8, 2019

Power of Love By: Nick Pott

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What is love? Baby, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more. Most people should by now have thought "Where have I heard that before?", and now that you have figured it out, nodding your head to the beat like the Saturday Night Live skit of the past. But lets talk about love for a minute. Love is everywhere. People love each other, they love their kids, their jobs and even their cars. I am not at all qualified to talk about love and what it is and why we love, but I am qualified to talk about love affairs with cars. Many, just love cars in general. Some love specific makes, some specific models even. There are car clubs for everything it seems. There are Miata clubs, Porsche clubs, BMW clubs, there is even a Chevy Caprice Club. Don't get me wrong, I love the enthusiasm, its all great! For me though, the love is not a make, or a model, it is what I can do with the car that I love. I LOVE TO DRIVE CARS. Not that I love to drive long distances, rather I love to drive cars on a performance basis. To make a sports car handle through turns the way it was designed, or point a big,  throaty V8 and put pedal to the metal baby I am there! The best feeling though, that I get with cars is when we make adjustments to get more out of the cars. To drive a Ford Mustang GT handling on the track like a dream, or a lowered and widened Porsche that makes everything it does right even better, THAT is when I am happiest and at my best. That is what I love about cars. Whatever you love about them, foster it! Until next time, keep that head nodding!

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