Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Easy Ways to Go Green with Your Car

Nowadays, people are more conscious about reducing their carbon footprint. Using less plastic, renewable energy (solar panels and chargeable vehicles), and composting are just a few ways that we can create a greener tomorrow! 

A lot of these choices definitely require a large lifestyle change, and if you’re not quite ready to jump head first into the “Green Lifestyle”, start by making a few small changes. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store, and use glass containers for leftovers instead of plastic. You can also buy glass or paper straws instead of using plastic ones! 

One of the bigger, less expensive, easiest “Green Lifestyle” changes you can make is with your vehicle! Cars are leaving a huge footprint on our planet and the more we’re aware of what we’re putting into our car or how we’re fixing our car, the more we can help in the long run.
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Keep your vehicle properly tuned for optimum performance. If you’re on top of this, there’s a higher chance your technician can find problems before they turn into costly repairs. Get into the habit of getting your engine regularly serviced. This will help you burn less gas, pollute less, and prevent more car trouble down the road. 

Drive smart! Your fuel economy is greatly affected by how you drive. Combine all your errands into one trip, try to avoid sudden starts and stops, and try to go the speed limit. One of the best options is utilizing your cruise control! When you’re driving on the highway, even for a short period of time, switch on your cruise control to help your vehicle maintain the same speed. This will save you gas (and money!). 

Lighten your load. If you’re not going on a road trip, helping a friend move, or if you have a habit of living out of your car, lighten your load! Take out all the unnecessary junk from your trunk, back seat, and the front seat. All these extra items weigh your vehicle down, causing an increase in gas usage. Items you should keep in the car are emergency items, such as a spare tire and a first aid kit, just in case! 

Change your filters! Filters won’t improve your gas mileage, but they’ll improve the air in your vehicle. A filter can get clogged with dust, bugs, and dirt, which cuts off the air. This creates a mixture that causes the engine to lose power. By replacing the air filter, it will improve your vehicles performance and acceleration. 

Always check your tires. When your tires have proper tire pressure, this can improve your gas mileage by 3.3% or 10 cents per gallon! Tire pressure should be checked monthly, and always make sure to check the spare! If your tires aren’t properly inflated, they add rolling resistance which makes your engine work even harder. 

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There are many more ways in which you can create a “green” vehicle! Here at ArborMotion, our specialists for foreign car repair are happy to help! Keep this list in mind when you come in for your next appointment. You may not see the results right away, but your vehicle will thank you over time. A happy vehicle makes a happy owner, and a happy owner makes happy drivers! 

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