Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Department of the Month – Technicians

This month we’re going to focus on the people who make this shop run. Without them, there would be no ArborMotion. These people are our Technicians. They’re dedicated to not only making sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape, but that it’s also safe for you to drive. 

Our technicians are highly certified and experts in their field. No problem is too big or too small, because working on cars is their passion. We want passionate people working on your vehicles. 

I know many of our longtime clients are already familiar with some of our technicians (thank you!), but for those of you who don’t know, let us introduce you to our team. 

Quinn Lamb grew up around cars thanks to his dad who owned many American muscle cars and spent time at the Milan Dragway. His first job in the automotive business was lube tech at Victory Lane. From there he moved up to Crew Chief. Quinn has been a technician for five years and holds State certifications in engine repair, suspension and steering, brakes and HVAV systems. He also has an ASE Certification in Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling. Quinn is determined to not only find the problem that brought your vehicle in but to fix any issues to prevent the problem from coming back! When Quinn isn’t at ArborMotion you can find him spending time with his family, working on his Jeep, wood working or breeding fish for his aquarium.

Quinn Lamb
When Kyle Brodie was fourteen, he bought a 1971 VW Beetle. From that day till the day he got his license, Kyle dismantled the car and customized it. His first job was through his co-op class his senior year of high school. He got a part-time job at a small shop called Automobiles International. Kyle worked there a couple years after graduation before he moved to the local Volvo dealership. Kyle has been doing what he’s passionate about for 38 years! He’s been working at ArborMotion for 26 of them! Kyle holds a State Certificate for Master Mechanic and also is a ASE Certified Master Mechanic. Kyle works fast and efficiently to get the job done the first time, mostly because he’s hungry. On the weekends, you can find Kyle in the yard gardening or spending time with friends and family having a BBQ and playing cards. But when Sunday comes around, Kyle is off to the golf course. 

Kyle Brodie

The mechanical aspects of cars have always been interesting to Mark Newbound. He’s been working with them for over 40 years as a ASE Master Technician. His first job was working at a gas station in high school. Mark says that import vehicles are very technical, so finding and repairing a difficult problem is very rewarding. The weirdest thing that Mark ever found in a vehicle was a cat under the hood. He discovered the cat after he gave the car a test drive. Mark’s passion in this business is making sure that his customers can trust him to do excellent work and give them a good value. On the weekends, you can find Mark spending time with family and friends or playing drums in his band. And just like Kyle, Mark plays golf every weekend!

Mark Newbound

Tom O’Connor is our vintage car master! Any customer who comes in with a vintage ride gets sent to Tom. Tom has been working on cars for over 52 years! His first automotive job was in 1963 for European Motor Service, a small British Car shop. While working for European Motor Service, he worked on Anglias, Triumphs, MGs, Sunbeams, Hillmans and Rovers. Tom is a NAISE Master, ASE Master with L1, Robert Bosch Certification and Volkswagen Registered Master. Tom has had the opportunity over the past few years to mentor some of the area’s mechanics and shop owners. He enjoys watching the mechanics’ skills develop and takes pride in passing down his knowledge! With his years of experience, Tom can sort out problems that stump many others. When Tom’s not working, you can find him in the great outdoors. Tom has hiked segments of the Appalachian, Cascade and Pacific Trails. He also built a kayak that he used to go from Michigan to Wisconsin! Not only that, he has also ridden his bike from Baton Rouge to Cincinnati. 

Tom O'Connor
Andrew Daley is our certified BMW and Mini Technician. He loves working on and driving anything with a motor, so becoming a technician was a great fit. His daily car is a BMW M3 so Andrew not only maintains BMW’s, he drives one himself. Andrew holds ASE and State Certifications and says the most challenging part of his job is trying to keep up with the latest technology in high-end, newer vehicles. Not only does this provide a learning experience for him but he also gets to challenge himself. He says it’s very rewarding to solve a complicated issue. Andrew is passionate about doing quality work, he loves seeing his customers excited about new upgrades and taking their vehicles to the track. When Andrew’s not at ArborMotion, you can find him enjoying the outdoors. He loves snowboarding, camping and traveling with friends and family and enjoys working on his cars and going to track events.

Andrew Daley

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